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The Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

A handy infographic by neuroscientists Bradley Voytek and Timothy Verstynen, who have speculated about what the zombie brain would look like based on typical zombie behaviour in pop culture. They’ve also suggested that we call zombification ‘Consciousness Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder,’ characterised by the loss of rational behaviour and “replaced by delusional/impulsive aggression, stimulus-driven attention, the inability to coordinate motor-linguistic behaviors and an insatiable appetite for human flesh.” All, of course, pure speculation.

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I think this sums up nicely (particularly the dot points) how it is for me right now…

“…today’s twentysomethings - raised by parents who rewarded every burp and blink with “Good job!” - may in fact be a generation of entitled narcissists. There is such a thing as feeling too good about yourself, and it may be just as unhealthy as feeling inferior.”

—   Harriet Brown

“Walk into a club, see a girl gettin drunk (laughs hysterics) its all the same”

—   Sarah

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